GX Dataware 2

GX Dataware 2 2

GX Dataware is a BDE Alternative, original, handy, convenient...

GX Dataware is a BDE Alternative, original, handy, convenient and powerful developer's tool, which provides structured storage for a big volume of data with Delphi-compatible typification and increased controllability on the base of GX Distributed Data Object technology.

It does not require any additional libraries and fully integrates into executable. GX Dataware Standard Edition can be used even with Delphi Personal Edition.

GX Dataware uses 64-bit addressing and parted indexes, which means you can store data in files that exceed 4294967295 bytes in size. It supports basic relation constructions (on the table level), but supplemented and extended (e.

g. multiple masters, etc. ). It contains the built-in evaluator, which lets you to use expressions in indexes and evaluate user-defined runtime calculations.

GX Dataware provides data storage in its own format with transactions support and allows simultaneous data access in local and in client-server environment.

All the tables, BLOB fields and indexes are stored in separate files in order to increase the size limit of stored data and the data access speed.

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